Welcome to Agora!

We are pleased to announce Agora is officially open. Our server has a wonderful community and an economy that makes building your home and gathering resources easy and fun! My goal, as the owner, is to create a world that my users can live in peacefully without grief and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Minecraft.

Negative attitude is NOT tolerated on this server and therefore any griefing is dealt with immediately and easily reversed. 

Dynmap ENABLED! View a live map daily of the world, set your homes and teleport back to it any time! Invite your friends to your home to show off your building skills.

Our server is being hosted and I have had no issues thus. 
Server IP: play.agora-mc.net
Website: http://agora-mc.net
I designed and created Agora not because I wanted to become powerful and assume many responsibilities, but purely because I love this game with a passion, and I want to share all my adventures, epic server events and ideas with a community.