Agora Server Information


Please take a moment to read through our information page.

 Agora is a community based online survival server PVP is disabled allowing you to focus more on your builds / homes / towns.



We do not tolerate grief; doing so will result in a ban ranging from 1 day to permanently. Typing /rules in game will show you a full list of our rules.


The server has 8 player ranks listed below:

1. GUEST- Standard rank, no special abilities.

2. Iron - Pledging to Agora (Pressure Plate located in /Spawn) and playing for two hours will reward you Iron Rank. This rank will give you +1 additional free home and will allow you to place water and use Flint and Steal.

3. Gold – This rank is earned by playing on the server for a medium amount of time and completing various achievements with your achievement book. Type /aach list to view the book of achievements.

Diamond – This rank is earned by playing on the server for a long amount of time and completing various difficult achievements with your achievement book.

5. Legend – This achievement can be earned by subscribing to Agora through the donation store. Donations help with server costs and help us upgrade the server as time goes on.

Please view the store for a list of perks at

6. Twitch – We fully support Twitch Streamers here on Agora and if you are a full time streamer we encourage you to check out our Twitch Application form on the forums if you are interested for more information.


7. MODERATOR - Moderate the server and it's players. They undo grief and make sure all of our players are following the rules.

8. OPERATOR – Upper staff members who help maintain the overall community.

9. ADMIN – In charge of the entire server and staff.  Admins help to make sure everything is running as it should and can make executive,  server side decisions.

OWNER – Pays for the server and keeps it alive.  Is in charge of advertising, website maintenance, plug-in coding, and anything else server-involved.

Please do not ask for ranks.



Agora offers a fully functional market. Visit it with command /warp market Here you can buy and sell many items normally only acquirable in game.  The market is not meant to replace player to player trading; in fact we encourage player transactions.  The market is just an alternative method to obtain goods. 

The items selected for the market are final, along with their prices.  If you have any questions please use the support forum.  To trade with other players please use the command / ch T to enter trade chat and barter for goods. 

View your account balance with /balance

Check another players balance with /balance <username>


Protections (Area)

We use a plugin to give players the chance to automatically protect their homes from grief Purchase a P Stone from the market or alternatively acquire one free Coal Ore stone by registering on the website.

To use the stone simply place it in the area you want protected. 

View the area with /ps visualize

You may add additional players to your zone so they can build with the following commands:
/ps allow playername [adds player to the area.]
/ps remove playername [removes player from area]
/ps removeall playername [removes player from all your zones]
/ps allowed [Lists players allowed to current zone]
/ps view [lists players inside of your protection zones]
/ps locations [shows the location of the P Stones you have placed]

You can mine the protection block to move it to another location.  You will not lose your stone.


Protections (Chests, doors, etc)

In addition to Protection Stones, Agora uses an extensive automatic protection plugin to lock all doors, chests, furnaces, trapdoors, and anvils placed instantly.

Use the commands below to modify your locked blocks:

/cmodify <name> allow Permit someone else to access the protection.
/cmodify <name> remove Revoke someone’s ability to access the protection.
/cremove Deletes the protection all together.
/cpassword <password> Set a password on the protection.
/cunlock  Unlock the current protection.


Voting and Donations
Voting for our server not only keeps us alive, but helps bring new guests.  Visit to vote up to four times daily for free diamonds.  The member who votes the most time in a month will receive an exclusive

Donating not only shows your appreciation but helps us with some of the costs and keeps the server running.  You can choose from many rewards for donating such as Mob Disguises, Additional Homes and Title Perks, as well as the Legend Subscription Rank. Donate for us at


Chat channels

Agora uses three chat channels to communicate.  Please make sure you are sending messages in the correct channel:

Switch between chat channels with /ch <channel> Ex: /ch G (for global)

[G] – Global: For general talking, this is the most common channel.  All messages are sent globally.

[T] – Trade: This channel is used for all player to player trades and auctions.  All messages are sent globally.

[L] – Local: This channel is used for chatting to players who are near you.  Messages cannot be heard by everyone.

Please make sure to refrain from CAPSLOCK or spaaaaaming in chat channels as this is a violation of our rules and can result in penalties.  Absolutely no advertising is permitted on the server and will result in long-term bans.  This includes mentioning other server IP: Addresses.

Keep chat clean and friendly



/BalanceShows how much currency you have

/BalancetopShows the top 8 richest players.

/Compass- Shows which direction you are facing.

/cprivateAllows you to lock doors and chests. (Locked by default)

/cremove- Removes the protection on a door or chest that you own

/cpublic- Make the protection on a door/chest you own public

/cpassword- Allows you to lock a door/chest with a password

/DelHome <Name>Delete a named home.

/Depth- Shows your elevation compared to sea level.

/Getpos- Gives you the map coordinates of your current position.

/HelpGives you a list of the commands you can use.

/Pushon | /Pushoff - Toggle Player Collision ON or OFF (Pushing Players or Mobs)

/ticket <msg> Opens a support ticket to online staff.                                           

/Sethome <homename> Sets your current location to your home.

/Homelist <PlayerName> Lists all of your homes, or another players.

/Home <home name> Teleports you to your home / named home.

/Homes <Player> <HomeName> Teleport to a players home.

/Ignore <user> Allows you to ignore a certain player.

/ListLists all online players sorted by rank.

/Lottery GUI Open the Lottery Menu

/MailAllows you to send/read mail.

/Menu - Open the Cosmetics Menu

/Modreq Create <msg> - Request assistance from a Staff Member

/MotdDisplays the message of the day.

/MSG <user> <msg> Send a private message to another user.

/NearLists all players near you.

/Pay <user>  Allows you to pay another player money.

/R <msg> replies to the last pm you recieved

/Rules- Displays the server rules.

/Seen <user> Shows when a player was last online.

/Warp- Displays the available warps you can use.

/Warp <warpname> to go to the warp.

/Spawn Teleports you to the spawn.

For any additional questions open a ticket in game with /modreq create <msg> and a staff member will assist you.

Thank you for joining us at Agora we hope you enjoy your time.