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Moderator Application / Moderator Applicatio *Template*
« on: April 12, 2019, 06:03:12 PM »
As a moderator your duty is to moderate the game. You deal with offensive players and make sure everyone is using appropriate behaviour.
Do not apply if you aren't going to take this position seriously and aren't going to commit yourself to the duties of a mod.

In order to apply you must have the Gold Rank


Follow this template when creating an application:

Moderator Application - <in-game name>

Join Date:
Were you recommended by anyone?:
Why you should become a moderator:


Your application will be reviewed in time, however it is unlikely you will get accepted.

*Note: Only staff members can recommend.

If you have been rejected, DO NOT badger an admin questioning us on why it was denied. You must wait a minimum of 2 weeks before reapplying.

Twitch Rank / Twitch Rank Information
« on: March 20, 2019, 12:11:09 AM »
Here on Agora MC we appreciate your interest in applying for Twitch rank and bringing new players to the server to enjoy Agora and join the community.

Becoming a Twitch Rank Member includes a few things you should be aware of, as well as responsibilities.

1. You will have the ability to type /live or /offline to change your in game title from [Live] Username to Username.

2. You will be promoted to Twitch Rank in our public discord and when you go LIVE a notification will be sent out the community.


Having players join in large masses is usually the case when streamers come into the server with their community, which is great, but can be frightening to some members of the community. With this in mind we ask that if you have players joining and they are using Global chat to try to contact you, simply ask them in the twitch channel to join /ch L (Nearby only chat) or to talk with you in the stream chat to keep global chat calm.

You are not allowed to Advertise your Twitch stream / url in Global chat as it breaks the no advertising rule. However, players may ask you what your Twitch is. You're more than welcome to send a link via private message

The reason for this is, not everyone DOES watch twitch and we don't want regular players to feel bombarded daily with twitch related topics. =)

Twitch Rank / Twitch Rank Application Form:
« on: March 20, 2019, 12:01:17 AM »
Please copy and paste the form below when applying for Twitch rank.

1. What is the name of your Twitch channel?

2. How many hours have you streamed in the past 30 day cycle?

3. How many days a week have you streamed in the past 30 day cycle?

4. Are you a Twitch Affiliate?

5. What are your plans for your twitch streams connecting to Agora MC Server?

6. What should you do if your twitch chat starts to flood Global Chat with messages?

7. Are you allowed to manually advertise your Twitch channel in Global chat?

Rules and Important Information / Rules and Useful Info
« on: March 09, 2019, 06:04:08 PM »
Welcome to Agora's Minecraft Server!


Server Rules:
NO Griefing
NO Mods/Hacks
NO Trolling/Flaming
NO Spamming
NO Excessive CAPS
NO Advertising
NO Offensive Language
Just be a cool cat and have a nice time.

Forum Rules:
Use common sense
No offensive content
No excessive foul language or caps
No spam posts
No advertising
Do not talk about hacks, cheats, or glitches
Do not 'backseat moderate
If you see someone breaking any of these rules, use the Report button.

DO respect others
DO Post in the correct section
DO Use the correct application formats provided
DO Speak English

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