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I am on Mirage Raceway
« on: September 11, 2020, 08:11:24 AM »

It will be the 6 stages to match content developments in Vanilla. There doesn't appear to be any plan to bring any"new" WOW Classic articles or what folks have been calling wow gold classic. Blizzard did send a questionnaire asking about preferences for moving into a WOW Classic Burning Crusade, so when I had to guess I'd say they're planning to move into following growth after all phases are done.Unfortunatly Blizzard appears to not see the MASSIVE potential WOW Classic+ though the neighborhood has worked out a ton of amazing ideas. There is not any stand point from Blizzard exactly what the program using WOW Classic is outside phase 6. Hope it helps.

Though the community has worked out a ton of amazing ideas. No they have not. WOW Classic+ is an idea. Naxx gear+ signifies 1shot pvp or so much stam that it is the other way round, no fresh 60 would have an rng possibility of winning a matchup they would have to create a catch up raid ala ZG that would make all content prior to it meaningless. Thankyou. I dont understand how anyone thinks WOW Classic+ could ever work. If blizz took these terrible thoughts that these people have regurgitated on this sub, created a perfect balance of stated dreadful ideas, everybody would still bitch and complain like they've been doing for the first 8 weeks of WOW Classic.

In which the instant level fosters what did bother me the most vanilla that is outside. PVP lvl those routines that are endless, and caps. Beside that dungeon finder and rain finder is an absolute turn off. If WOW Classic would be continued using everything beside that, I will be in. I think you need to give it a try. A warrior leveled 4 years back. It was my first play of WOW Classic because 2008. I fucking loved it. I didnt do that time to any endgame. Idk what your endgame goals are/would be. Well I love the idea of playing with WOW how it had been back in these days. However without any feature updates and plans I think I might look for a different game which may give me that feeling.

Well, I am on Mirage Raceway and the experience was everywhere as"optimized" as you are assuming. I was ahead of this curve (dinged 60 on Sept 6th), and yet I often grouped while levelling with individuals who did not quite know or recall dungeons well. Heck, barely any group proved to be a melee/spell cleave, and not one of cheap wow classic gold the very first level 60s (at Horde-side) got there through dungeon farming or AoE farming. The first lvl 60 Horde-side was a Druid, of everything.